Design work

The origins of my fabrics and fashion design lay in Africa where I made an artist residency 2009. The overwhelmingly gorgeous fabrics and outfits of African people never left my mind. Soon after my stay in Africa I was in India looking for a way to get some of my paintings translated into fabrics. Best way to realize the bright colors would be digital printing, in New Delhi I found such a printing house.

My interest in fashion made way for the next step to be taken: Couture Adorable de Maritta was born in Vietnam for my exhibition "After the End of Art Anything Goes".
Each set — a pair of pants, a skirt, a shirt and a hat — is sewn in different fabrics. They can be combined along the mood, the day of the week, the light… just choose which paintings you want to wrap yourself in.



Art work

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Art work 2007: Memento Mori, Grail and Whirlpools